Introducing Toy Quiz for Android

Relive your youth and test your memory by recalling classic toys from the past.  From cap guns to Cabbage Patch Kids, Alf to the Atari, this is the definitive quiz to test your toy intellect.

Check out some screenshots in our gallery.  Or hop on over to download the free version or the ads-free paid version.

Introducing Securebook for Android

Securebook allows you to hide secret messages in your Facebook posts or Tweets that only your friends can read. Your secret message is first encrypted then hidden in a seemingly normal Facebook post or Tweet so only the people you specify can read it, and it's invisible to everyone else!

Use Securebook to:

  • Post a status update that your family can read and hide a message that only your friends can read. For example, your status reads "Broke up with Eric" and your friend's also see the secret message "He hooked up with Amy, what an asshole!" Or the status update "Hey man, wanna hang out tonight?" and the hidden message "My parents are out of town, and I'm having people over." In this way you can say what you want to your friends without your parents knowing!
  • Start a viral marketing campaign. For example, "Girls drink free tonight at Club 11" and hidden "Guys use password "wicked smart" for a free drink voucher."
  • Setup rendezvous. Just look at Tiger, Anthony Weiner, Jesse James, the list goes on. Deleting text messages or emails isn't good enough, they reside on a server somewhere. Since the message is encrypted no one will ever be able to read it including the police, wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends.

Visit the Android Market and give Securebook a download.  The free version is add supported and the paid version is only $0.99!

Check out the photo gallery for more screenshots.